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Enter Lucky Draw with Purchase of Selected Circulator Models!
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Laboratory Fume Hood

Concept Model

  • Concept is the first fume hood to incorporate AutoSash™ technology to maximize the safety and energy savings through proper sash positioning.
  • Concept have a "low flow" design, capable of proper containment at lower (60 FPM) face velocities. These hoods provide a higher visual sight line, chain & sprocket counterbalance, and a flush sill/trough to enhance safety and comfort.
  • Concept fume hoods are available in both bench and floor-mounted models

SafeAire Perchloric Acid Model

  • Designed specifically and exclusively for perchloric
  • Acid procedures to minimize possibility of fire and explosion.
  • One-piece type 304 stainless steel interior and dished work surface, with all joints coved, welded and ground.
  • High-volume spray heads.
  • Vertical sash with laminated safety glass.





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